Katalin Czár

Has been working for the Semmelweis Museum, Library and Archives of the History of Medicine since 2004. As museum educator, curator and public affairs coordinator, she is responsible for

  • · Organising, managing, coordinating and evaluating of programmes of the museum related to non-formal education, including courses for primary and secondary schools classes, graduate and postgraduate courses, teaching and lecturing in the museum
  • · Setting up and assembling short-, middle- and long-term museum pedagogical programme of the museum
  • · Setting up museum pedagogical programmes for the permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • · Taking part in and applying for special government and EU funds
  • · Augmenting and reviewing the collection of the archive photographs
  • · Setting up, organising and managing museum programmes (Mayday of Museums, Night of the Museums, Museum Autumn Festival, The Big Draw, Ars Sacra Festival)
  • · Taking part in EU supported projects within the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme: Exploring “Science as Culture” through European Science Museums, Study Visit to Museums supporting formal school education and informal lifelong learning.

As an educational expert she also evaluates different LLL applications and often gives presentations for the Tempus Public Foundation.

“Education, culture and entertainment should not be separated. Everyone – from children to the elderly, from professionals to families – should have the opportunity to enjoy learning throughout their lives.”



Bernardo Caffé

Marketing Manager/founder of Verso Interactive.

During his 13 years of digital marketing, he has been involved with every aspect of setting up, running, marketing and developing online communication strategies. His enthusiasm for digital and mobile tools has helped him create successful EFFIE award winning campaigns and new, innovative services.

His experience in the field includes:

  • · Research into evolving digital trends and possibilities of adapting new technologies to create unique visitor experiences
  • · Conducting online research into consumer trends
  • · Training and mentoring clients in the field of digital communication
  • · Working with clients to create comprehensive digital strategies
  • · Managing social media platforms
  • · Helping businesses implement CRM (customer relationship management) tools
  • · Following current trends in new technologies and forms of internet communications

Currently, he has finished setting up Verso Interactive, a tool for museums, galleries and exhibition halls that will help bridge the gap between exhibitions and interactive presentations.

“It’s incredible what can be done with technologies that are available to everyone. My goal is to focus on using these tools to make learning easier and more fun.”